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Part One: Health and Healing

"Many of the principles of health are explored in detail in the first section of How We Heal. A basic model is presented, considering the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and many of the principles pertaining to them individually and in conjunction with one another. Various other influences from the Hereditary Level, the Soul Level and the Entity Level are introduced and discussed. The presence and role of crystals within the body are examined. The central role of resistance is covered in detail. Many of the basic requirements of health and healing are enumerated: love, forgiveness, gratitude, faith,nutrition, elimination, exercise, sleep, water, light and darkness, air and breathing, and prayer. And the healing crisis is considered in great detail.

Part Two: Nutrition

"In the second section of How We Heal the subject of nutrition is extensively covered. While it must be stressed that nutrition alone is seldom the answer to our health challenges, nutrition almost invariably comprises part of the answer to many such challenges. This section will begin with a broad overview of many principles of nutrition prior to delving into many of the specifics. Patience and a proper attitude are among the principles considered in this overview. Other topics highlighted include cleansing and building, assimilation and elimination, and many of the psychological factors involved in improving one's diet. The work of Dr. Weston Price and his classic Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is presented in a separate chapter. Food quality is covered as well as food quantity, timing and frequency of meals, and food combinations. The assimilation of nutrients is highlighted, with emphasis upon the roles of enzymes and friendly microbes. Essential nutrients and their sources are covered. There are separate chapters on what sorts of foods to eat as well as what sorts of foods not to eat. The use of natural supplements is also addressed. And finally, degenerative disease is explored in the context of its relationship to faulty nutrition and various related factors.

Part Three: Body Electronics Fundamentals

"In the third section, the modality of Body Electronics is introduced and presented in detail. Briefly, Body Electronics is a healing modality that includes the use of a method of sustained acupressure commonly referred to as pointholding in conjunction with a program of nutrient saturation to help bring about the regeneration of the body. While the principles of health and healing presented in this book have broad application and can be applied with great benefit quite independently of Body Electronics, I have chosen to present Body Electronics in considerable detail for two main reasons: it offers a practical example of a particular healing modality wherein these principles can be applied, and it happens to be the modality in which I am personally most experienced and hence in the best position to offer as a model of these principles. This section includes much of the basic theory and practice of Body Electronics.

Part Four: Outer Manifestation and Inner Essence

In the final section of the book, we return to a broader model of health and healing. Many of the nuts and bolts of health and healing related to a simple model have been presented in earlier sections. It then becomes possible to reexamine and explore the original simple model at a far deeper level. A chapter on Iridology and Sclerology is included in this section, as well as an introduction to the process of biological transmutation. The broader model presented here effectively ties together much of the previous material in the book, examining in detail the interplay between the physical, emotional, and mental levels and exploring the very essence of creation and uncreation."

from How We Heal by Douglas W. Morrison

"It's said that our health is our greatest wealth. Therefore, to heal and restore our health is a major benefit. How We Heal is an enlightening way to learn many ways to heal."

~ Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times
best selling series
Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

Cracking the Millionaire Code

The One Minute Millionaire

"How We Heal is a truly consciousness-raising experience. Douglas W. Morrison and the late John Whitman Ray deserve the Nobel Prize for their work in the healing of the entire human being."

~ Roy B. Kupsinel M.D.
Oviedo, Florida
Physician & Founder of
Health Consciousness magazine

How We Heal is one of the most important books I’ve ever read about holistic healing. It tells you everything you need to know to successfully transcend a healing crisis and reach a higher state of health. I refer my clients to it for comprehensive information about nutrition and self-care.”

~ Camilla Griggers Ph.D.
Santa Monica, California

"How We Heal is a precise depiction and representation of the tremendous processes and inner workings of the true essence of healing. Morrison takes you on a spectacular voyage of understanding the ‘healing crisis’ and shows you the path less traveled in modern scientific thinking.”

~ Eric Wruck D.C.
Maui, Hawaii